Who are we?

This question has been before us ever since we awoke. This led to the discovery of new continents and then new worlds, and thus new inventions. This endeavor has been taken to a whole new level since mankind entered space on October 4, 1957.

We, the members of the BME Cosmos Society find this spiritual tradition fascinating and truly important. Our team consists of university citizens who are engaged in space research in one way or another and answer these questions. We currently have 166 members and new members are always welcome - you can read more about joining us here. If you are interested where we came from, you can find out more here .

What do we want?

Our goal is to promote the development of space exploration at the Budapest University of Technology (abbreviated as BME in Hungarian), because we believe that space will be an integral part of our future. We want university students to be ready for the upcoming challenges of the space industry. We are sure that this will be extremely important in our lives.

We consider three things essential for this:


From the outset, space exploration was based on collaboration. We would like to make new acquaintances, new friendships among like-minded students, so that we can have a good time together, learn together and make something new.


Our important goal is to facilitate the acquisition of space-related knowledge at the Budapest University of Technology. Initially, we want to accomplish this through lectures, courses, and projects. Our long-term goals include, among other things, encouraging the creation of space-related subjects, specializations, majors, or even research related to space at universities.

Public relations

We also want our members to be able to establish new business relationships through our organization, so that they are aware of the opportunities and are already involved in research and projects throughout their studies. We want the Hungarian space industry to gain the biggest slice possible from the already baking space cake.

What's next?

Space research is very diverse, from cattle herders to painters every one can be engaged with it. You must have had many ideas about how you would like to contribute bringing humanity into space. Join us and let’s find the answer together!